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Environmental Solutions

Paperless Comes at a Cost

  • More Than 200 Million Items of E-Waste Are Thrown Away Every Year in the US
  • 70% of Toxic Waste in the US Landfills Comes from E-Waste
  • Burning a CD Produces 4 times as Much CO2 as Printing a Single Annual Report
  • Spam Emails Sent Annually Have the Footprint of Driving a Car around the Globe 1.6 Million times

Best Solution

Swedish researches found recently in Europe that reading the news for 30 minutes online produces more CO2 per year, per reader than reading a printed newspaper. 

These are the greatest factors contributing to CO2: in printed news, the production of the paper itself; in online media, the energy used to power the computer while reading, or in the case of an e-tablet, to produce the device itself. The best solution isn't to eliminate paper but to use it well and more wisely.

The prior information is courtesy of NewPage Corporation, located at 8540 Gander Creek Drive, Miamisburg, Ohio, 45342. For more tidbits about sustainability in the printing industry, visit the  NewPageCorp Website.

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